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Oct 8 - Oct 10
BOOMERANG 1 Design Project
Oct 17 - Oct 24
Oct 29 - Oct 31
BOOMERANG 2 Design Project
Nov 7 - Nov 14
Nov 19 - Nov 21
Open House Party
December 2nd, 5:30-9pm
Contact for December, January and February workshop dates.

The Interrobang intensive is a design challenge revolving around a special topic. Students will experience a full weekend of discovery, creation, discussion, and walking tours, and will experience the basics of the design process with hands-on design tools: drawing, writing, idea tracking, and model building.

Fri 4-8 pm, Sat 9am-5 pm, Sun 9am-3 pm

Tuition: $225 includes supplies and snacks, friday dinner, students bring a Sat and Sun lunch

The Boomerang workshop is a quick and thoughtful stand-alone design project or an add-on exploration to the weekend intensive class. Students will experience self-directed creative and analytical thinking with group feedback and discussion. This workshop also will include daily online challenges (approx. 30 min.)

Tuition: $125 includes supplies and snacks

But wait! There’s more! We invite you to also consider the after school and Saturday classes for kids, teens, and daytime classes for adults taught by Dora Taylor, as Architecture 101. Check out her website at, or call her 206 853 9790.


Our studio workshop classes for high school students use the topics of Architecture and Design to foster creative and analytical thought processes in teens.

We use a Design School Studio format of individual and group design problems solved using the principles of discovery, design and documentation, similar to what a student would experience in an entry level studio at a university.

The topics and projects are secondary to our primary curriculum, which is the design process itself: including research, investigation, ideation, collaboration, communication and development, form-giving and evaluation, presentation, and review. Our goal is to teach students to have confidence in generating and evaluating ideas based on hands-on development of their own understanding of a problem as it unfolds through exploration.


Most people think of design as a visual art. We consider it a thinking art. It is the art of ideation and analysis, asking questions and finding answers. Unlike the expressive arts, the design process joins the analytical and the creative—the 2 sides of our brains.

At Behind the Eye design workshops, we nurture analytical and creative thinking. We help students experience first-hand the lovely dance played within our own heads, that which makes us human, our conjoined abilities to solve problems and create.

Become a designer with us and discover just what’s behind the eye:

  • Problem defining
  • Fact finding
  • Evaluating
  • Communicating
  • Documenting
  • Testing
  • Refining
  • Delivering
  • Idea generating
  • Brainstorming
  • Hunch following
  • Drawing
  • Visualizing
  • Bantering
  • Collaborating
  • Linking


To register for a class, please email or , or give us a call at 206 250 3492.

Payment for workshops in full prior to the beginning of the workshop will be required for inclusion in the workshop.


Will be provided: Paper, tracing paper, markers, scales and pens, tape and tacks, binder clips, model building supplies and glues, a scanner an a printer, printer paper, foam core and cardboard, magazines and scissors.

If you have these, bring them: Digital camera, sketchbook. Additional supplies to be brought for a workshop will be posted in the workshop description.


To instill in teens a respect for collective creative and analytical problem solving, getting them started on a lifelong learning process that will help them become thoughtful and effective contributors in their own studies and future professional endeavors, regardless of their life path.


601 S King Street, Seattle 98104

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We are just starting these workshops and would love to hear from you! Any thoughts you have would help us develop our services and curriculum!


Kim Krech


Jon Zegers

971 404 6890


Kim Krech () has been practicing architecture for thirty years after attending Washington University in St Louis. Always known as an inventive and creative thinker, non-stop doodler and talker, she has always taken on the role of mentor and draws out the best work of others. As a parent of two creative and analytical sons, one of whom is studying at the Rhode Island School of Design, and one in high school who is deeply engaged in his own business restoring vintage audio electronic equipment, Kim is part of the parent community faced with the challenge of preparing their children for successful educational experiences, which has inspired her to begin teaching creative and analytical thinking. Kim has a quirky aesthetic sense, loves new ideas and connecting with people. Her favorite quote is from Jay Buhner: “every everything is everything.” She finds inspiration everywhere.

Jon Zegers () is a registered architect living in Seattle Washington. He began in the visual arts fields as a graphic artist, but later decided to pursue architecture as a degree. In 2003 he received a Bachelors of Architecture from the University of Oregon where he assisted in teaching early design studios. He has worked in architecture for the past 6 years, and recently became a LEED AP, which certifies that he is current in his understanding of the professional practice of architecture as it relates to “green” issues. In his practice of architecture, he has developed a generalist approach that includes many forms of visual communication. This base of experience includes architecture, graphic design, model building, computer rendering, web design, printmaking, hand illustration, photography, and design-build work. Jon has a strong interest in Design Education and the Architecture and Design Community—Jon is a tour guide for the Seattle Central Library, one of the producers of Seattle PechaKucha Night.